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About Premier Executive Transportation Inc.  We are an elite, private, Executive Services company providing exclusive concierge, group and private executive transportation, certification, and training services well beyond the distance.

We specialize in Private Celebrity Executive Protection; Executive Security Transportation Services; Executive Transportation Protection, Special Needs ADA-Compliant, Senior Military executive services and Federal Government contracts.

All our services are available on an hourly, monthly, and contractual basis. We offer point-to-point services to commercial and private airport and seaports. All member subscription plans include complimentary Executive Assistance, Concierge and other complimentary services.

Our Complimentary Suite includes a variety of comfort-features ranging from tolls, parking, airport/seaport fees, to wait times (see Terms and Conditions for details). We also offer complimentary vegan and vegetarian-eccentric nourishment’s, bottled water, and light fruit snacks. All executive services comes with our “Value Shield” to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Executive Services

Our History…2008

In June of 2008, military serviceman Alonzo D. Baker, started what at that time would be his third business, Alonzo’s Reliable Towing Inc, a roll-back tow truck company serving the Mississippi Delta. 

Alonzo quickly learned the business side of operations and expanded the company’s operations from Mississippi into Louisiana and started developing major networks within the transportation industry, auto repair world, repossession, junk car removal and donate-a-car world. 

Alonzo’s Reliable Towing Inc began to bring in significant profits but in 2013 was plagued with misfortunes of vehicle mechanical issues.  This led to a conscientious decision to leave the towing industry and start an executive transportation conglomerate.

The Premier Start…2013

In May of 2013, after five (5) years of running one of his must successful company’s to date, Alonzo made a critical business move and sold the Tow Truck company, took the proceeds, built and incorporated a luxury Executive Chauffeur company, known today as Premier Executive Transportation. 

Premier Executive Transportation Inc was born from a tow truck company into  an S-Type corporation out of Dover, Delaware; however, the company saw it’s first client while operating in Los Angeles, California.  This initial start proved challenging, especially in the star-studded city of Los Angeles.  This eventually led to a business-model shift, and new base of operations. 

The next stop was Houston, Texas.  Although short-lived, it was the catalyst for what Premier Exec has developed into today.

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Economic Airport Transport, Cheap, Inexpensive Airport, Executive Transportation

The Development…2021

In December of 2021, Premier Executive Transportation Inc registered as a business entity in St. Petersburg, Florida, and established it’s base of operations at the TIAA Bank Building in  downtown Jacksonville, Florida. 

Initially, Premier Executive Transportation Inc was the premier source of private individual travel only.  But through it’s high demand for excellence, high standards and dedication to its clients to provide quality and exclusivity, Premier Exec expanded into large-group travel, A-List Celebrity executive transportation, corporate travel, concierge, executive assistance, private airfield, and an anonymous booking service-based company.

Our Growth…2022

More about Premier Executive Transportation Inc. In June 2022, Premier Executive Transportation Inc received the highly sought after “B” license (B 3100505); officially turning this already dynamic company into an even more robust, full-fledged licensed Security Agency within the state of Florida. 

Today, Premier Executive Transportation Inc does business as (dba) Premier Executives Group, also known as Premier Executive Group, and Premier Executive Protection Services. We are also registered in SAM to enter into government contracts.

Premier Executives Group is the largest executive agent for certification and training courses, offered by the parent, Premier Executive Transportation Inc.  Certification and training courses such as NRA Firearms Safety, American Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS), CPR, AED, First Aid, American Heart Association BLS, Group Fitness (Certificate: 01288K3, 00R2VH6 and 011HJ7F), and Florida Notary are only a few. Verify American Red Cross Certificate Here!

Premier Executive Protection Services is the executive agent for all security services and offers state of Florida “D” license course, Private Security Patrol, Security Guard services, and Executive Protection (Close and Mobile).  As a fully licensed, over insured, military and law enforcement experienced staff, Premier Executive Protection Services can met any requirements under the “MB”, “D”, “G” license protocol.  Verify Security Licensing Here!

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Executive Security, Private Security, Security Guard Services

We carry Commercial Auto Insurance in the amounts of $1M CSL Bodily Injury/Property Damage, $1M CSL for Any Auto Leased, Rented or Driven, $1M CSL Uninsured Motorist, and $10K Personal Injury Protection.

All Firearms and CPR/First Aid Instructors have Professional Liability Insurance for $250K per Occurrence, damage to property; and $250K General Aggregate, and $500K for Products.

Our Notary Services are covered for $10K Errors & Omissions Liability (Online and In-Person)

Our Security Services are covered for $1M for Each Occurrence, $100K for Damage to Premises and/or Property, $100K for Medical Expenses, $2M General Aggregate, and $2M for Products and Services rendered.

Payments Accepted

We accept all Major Credit Cards, Government Purchase Cards, Apple Pay , Google Pay and you can also pay in installments using “Affirm” and “Afterpay/Clear Pay”

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